Saturday, June 24, 2006

Almost there

We are most of the way to Transylvania now. I had to leave so many things behind I sort of panic at the thought of what we are going to need. What might I need to function as an intern and live for six months? I shaved off about half the books I wanted though I am sure I will be begging people to ship other theology books to me. I've now lugged my massive Oxford Study Bible from plane to plane through security checkpoints. I had to take it out on one flight so my bag would fit in the overhead bin.

I'm at a T-Mobile hotspot in a crazy duty free shopping mall at London Heathrow. I feel incapable of even basic grammatical language. Its 11am and my body still thinks it might be 4am like it is in California.

Had a near panic yesterday as our Budapest lodging fell through but we found a nice apartment to stay at through UU's traveling through Budapest on Partner Church activities or to the ICUU symposium contact me and I can give you the contact for it.

Tonight we sleep in Budapest. In the morning we will take the minibus to Kolozsvar. We wanted to take the train but the schedule did not work out and the bus service came highly recommended.