Thursday, June 21, 2007

We Arrive at GA with a great food accident

So after 12 hours of driving we arrive at GA just in time for the Service of the Living Tradition.

By luck, a wrong turn put us on to a detour and we found the fantastic Blue Nile Cafe Ethiopian Restaurant at 2221 NE Broadway. The food was spicy and excellent, with fluffy soft injera and flavors as good as any Ethiopian restaurant we have tried.

The poor kids ended up going to the SLT after a 12 hour car ride. They did great, but it was clearly too late for them. I told them I will have to get them vegan doughnuts at Voodoo Doughnut tommorrow.

The 5 year old was excited when he recognized Bill Sinkford from the UU World magazines at our house. It was very nice to run into some Starr King and PCD friends as well.

I enjoyed the SLT tonight and was very happy to be there with my family. I am starting to enjoy the tradition of it and allowing myself to look forward to getting preliminary fellowship as well. I liked the content of Bill and Barbara's sermon and their general preaching style. I'm not sure they would have gotten away with being so self-referential in my homiletics class though.

Even though the service still seemed long, it was disappointing to not have the traditional practice of people walking across the stage to receive the hand of fellowship.

I think I will start tommorrow with Dr. Amina Wadud giving the Starr King President's Lecture. I have heard lots of good things about her work on gender and Islam. The rest of the day I will attempt to focus on family ministry.


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