Monday, February 20, 2006

Love and Understanding (What's so funny 'bout peace...)

Love and Understanding (from Ken Patton)

What more have we to give to one another than love and understanding?

We will gather a store of love for our children, and marry love to wisdom, that the needs and thoughts of the child may be known to us.

We will make a world for the gladness of children, bringing to them the conviction of their worth and beauty which their beings crave.

We will gather a store of love for youth, troubled in the rising turbulence of life, to guide them into maturity with less of loneliness and torture.

We will fin useful tasks for their hands, that they may learn to create with clean joy.

We will gather a store of love for parents, for if the homes of the land are stark and brutal, than we are indeed poor.

Our chief labor is the building of homes, an dour knowledge will be increased to set the seasons of childhood and parenthood in the ways of goodness.

We will gather a store for the aged, whose days have been stung with our follies and hurts. Our land will be a large home for the elders.

Their strength shall be restored in the vigor of their grandchildren.

Their loneliness shall be forestalled in the companionship of their children, who in their own parenthood have met their fathers and mothers coming toward them across the years.

We will turn our whole persons to the use of love and understanding, for the one without the other is a fumbling hand, and ignorant mercy is a plague of death.

Wisdom must be made the ready implement of love, and love the guide and repairer of knowledge.


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