Thursday, February 02, 2006

Life imitates art?

My 3 year old has started at a new preschool and is having some trouble with adjusting to a bigger school. He really likes the school and the teacher but is a little shy about all the kids he does not know. He's been acting clingy when I drop him off.

Today he was a little bit less hesitant but he ran back to me as I was heading out the door. I walked him back to his teacher and sang "Go Now In Peace" and he really liked it. Both of our little ones love to scream out "You may go" when we get to the end of the song.

It's nice to think that church ritual and routine is a big enough part of his life that it is comforting to him. It has been said that no one would ever ask to have the principles and purposes read to them on their death bed. But I know I have soothed my kids with the hymns that they know. (Spirit of Life; Come, Come Whoever You Are; Go Now In Peace; and We'll Build A Land (which they think of as the sisters and brothers song)).


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