Tuesday, August 16, 2005


The August issue of Sojourners arrived at my house yesterday.Several good articles on peace in the Middle East, Israel/Palestine in particular, including cover of Isreali peace activists and a Palestinian Christian involved in liberation theology. There is also a review of Sister Helen Prejean's latest book and an interview with Emily Saliers of the Indigo Girls and her dad Don Saliers who teaches theology and worship at Emory University. (They have a new book out called A Life To Live: Reflections On Music As Spiritual Practice)

All told it is a very good issue and it remind me how reliably good Sojourners is. I know for some who try to separate religion and politics it may seem too political, but their political coverage is really well based in their theology. There is also a good article on mysticism, contemplative practice and Teresa of Avila.

I think Sojurners is a great project for people who advocate for a religious left. It's also a useful thing to show to certain secularists who ask where has the religious left been all this time?

So read Sojourners, especially if you are a humanist social justice activist. Let it stretch at your theological issues with Christianity.


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