Monday, May 16, 2005

Perfect religion from the neck up?

Just wanted to highlight a discussion on the livejournal UU community about passion and the lack thereof in a lot of UU services.

Calliope writes:

I don't want to return to Christianity because the box it comes in is too small to hold my beliefs. But, oh! I want that emotional experience in my worship! Is Unitarian Universalism inherently unable to move us so passionately, or is there a way to bring what's missing into our fellowships, congregations, societies, and churches? Is the lack of one common belief structure the cause of this emotional distance?Because truthfully, I find most UU services to be dry and lacking passion.

A good number of comments follow, with comparisons between youth worship and adult services. I know Scott Wells and others have discussed this before.

I have to take something of a middle ground. I am a very low church kind of person, but I do think that sermons should not be the same as academic lectures. I would like our services to have a greater sense of majesty that traditional rituals often have, but I very quickly start to react against the sense of artifice I feel from many contrived rituals.


At 2:04 PM, Blogger Chalicechick said...

Smile. I do love that phrase.

I also have Christian friends who struggle with the idea of intellectually and emotionally satisfying religion being mutually exclusive.

The very idea makes me think of the Great Awakening.



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