Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Faith Voices for the Common Good

Dear Friend,

On March 30th, Faith Voices for the Common Good (www.faithvoices.org) is organizing a million voice 'write in' for people of faith concerned about ending the war in Iraq. Details are below and at www.peacenotpoverty.org. If you are in sympathy, please join this effort and pass the word on to others ASAP through your congregation or other networks of which you are a part.

The tide of violence needs to turn. We need to do everything we can to pull for a life-giving and life-saving approach to issues of justice, democracy and peace.

I hope you'll join me in the effort on March 30th. It will require two hours of your time on-line at a time slot of your choosing, anytime between 6:30 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. This is not just signing a petition -- it is working together with others to reflect on the issues and build consensus through an exchange of ideas using new educational technology. If you can't give the time, see peacenotpoverty.org for other simple ways you can help.

Starr King School for the Ministry is a member of Faith Voices for the Common Good (faithvoices.org) in keeping with our priority "to renew the public vocation of ministers and congregations." This effort will give you a chance to experience a new way we can use the internet to build community and raise our voices.

In peace and gratitude,
Rebecca Parker
President and Professor of Theology
Starr King School for the Ministry

online for two hours to create a declaration against
the Iraq War called Peace Not Poverty!

This is not a petition, but is your opportunity to
speak out yourself. Participation is open to anyone
with an internet accessible computer, anywhere in the
world. REGISTER BEFORE 7 pm EST March 27 at
www.peacenotpoverty.org, where you will find details
and a schedule of appointment times. Tell all your
friends to join you!

This "Write-In" is part of a multi-organizational plan
to build what the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
called the "Beloved Community" (details of all events
at www.buildingbeloved.org). The Write-In will use
Synanim, a unique technology that enables groups to
work collaboratively and create a synthesized
consensus online in a few hours.

On April 4, the Peace Not Poverty declaration will be
read by the consensus leader at the "Beyond Iraq"
interfaith service in Riverside Church in New York.
This televised event will mark the anniversary of
Martin Luther King, Jr.'s speech against the Vietnam
War in 1967.

The over 30 co-sponsors include:
Unitarian Universalist Association
National Council of Churches
Fellowship of Reconciliation
Faithful America
Faith Voices for the Common Good
Pax Christi USA
Gold Star Families for Peace
Tikkun Community
Shalom Center
Sikh World Council-America Region
Clergy and Laity Concerned about Iraq
Baptist Peace Fellowship
Rainbow PUSH Coalition
Clergy and Laity Network


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